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Truth Sets Free


This topic is to catalyze you into a lifetime pursuit of truths. These truths contain principles, commands, thoughts, feelings and ways of God made available for you. He is leading you toward a higher level of relationship and intimacy. He wants you to be like Jesus, not only in part but in his fullness. In the fullness of Jesus are truths incomprehensible to infants, boys and girls in the Church. He is maturing us, his Church, into the age level of His Son Jesus as the end is getting closer. Brace yourselves for the unfolding of digital truths powerful to put evil under your feet. Your are the new wine skin. Be refreshed and be replenished. Be filled with truths.

We, your Trainers, are also in pursuit of more truths for our perfection and fullness in Jesus.


We aim to impart what we have such as our gifts and skills to you in discovering, processing, and applying truths according to God' will and way- believing, hoping and working to attain the fullness of Christ. Eph.4:13

Basis of This Lesson

This lesson is based on what Jesus said. "Know the truth and the truth shall set you free". John 8:32

What is truth?

Any religion, science or philosophy may define truth according to their perception. Man may define truth according to his understanding. But what is truth?

Jesus said He is the Truth. John 14:6. What does he mean?

He means that to know, to see, to think, to feel, to be, to ...

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Module One:
Preparing for War

Goal & Covenant
Anointing Prayer
Heart Check Up
Test Identity
Father Heart of God
Windows of the Heart
Uproot Bitterness
Overcome Lust
Spiritual Anatomy
Truth Sets Free
Hearing God’s Voice