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Module One:
Preparing for War

Goal & Covenant
Anointing Prayer
Heart Check Up
Test Identity
Father Heart of God
Windows of the Heart
Uproot Bitterness
Overcome Lust
Spiritual Anatomy
Truth Sets Free
Hearing God’s Voice


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Truth Sets Free---

page 5

He did not use any synthetic substitute nor played with the appetite of Eve. It is the lust for knowledge that seduces man and makes him fall to the devil's trap. So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to her eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her and ate. Gen.3:6. And their eyes saw evil. They became one with evil and saw themselves naked. The devil's effective ploy is using truth to make a lie. There are lies and deception files that have been with us for years, some for centuries and since the beginning of time. The Church is still beset with deception in its ranks. Beliefs and doctrines are not spared. With good intentions and a sense of pride and honor, religious founders and teachers have built the Church with some stones of truth. Mixed with them are stones of lies and deception. Now God has deployed his chosen ones to extract those stones and


replace them with truth. These chosen ones are his trained warriors and builders. They move with care and precision, removing the stones of deception and putting the stones of truth-- seeing to it that the main structure of the Church will not crumble and fall.

In warfare, the battle rages with these liars terrorizing our territories with realities full of lies and evil. Truth is indeed the lasting ammunition to neutralize lies and deception. We have seen demons flee and are held at bay when we call on the Name of Jesus and are back with more evil when sin is sown and not uprooted. Our authority to command demons to flee is still with us and still powerful. But there are cases where only commanding the demons to flee is not effective. Jesus told his disciples that there are cases where we need to fast and pray to become effective. Mark 9:14-29

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