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Module One:
Preparing for War

Goal & Covenant
Anointing Prayer
Heart Check Up
Test Identity
Father Heart of God
Windows of the Heart
Uproot Bitterness
Overcome Lust
Spiritual Anatomy
Truth Sets Free
Hearing God’s Voice


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Truth Sets Free----

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So in our prayers, we declare truth in digital measures to uproot sin and put rulers and principalities under our feet.

Sin is the Gate of Demons

I've wondered why demons come and go. If indeed God has deployed me and other warriors to neutralize them, where and how do we deal with them? This question came to my spirit when rebuking and casting them out became a boring ritual in my prayer system.

The Lord showed me a picture of a garbage infested with flies. He told me that to get rid of the flies, I must get rid of the garbage. That garbage is sin. This revelation enlarged my pheripheral vision in battle. From that time on, my spirit would translate into that plane where I can locate, identify, and eliminate sin in any prayer mission. And to be effective,


I must be in truth and let that truth in me be released thru prayer and take root in the spiritual and physical environment. To be refreshed and replenished with truth, I must connect with the Spirit of Truth and eat the Word of Truth.


To be continued.

ISSW Cadets must proceed to Hearing God's Voice.


PAGES 1 2 3 4 5 6