Humility is one of the toughest lessons of warriors, aspiring warriors and Christians aiming to put evil under the feet of Jesus. Humility is applied in the first heaven where we relate with people who are offensive, arrogant, proud and violent. And what is most hurting is that these are the people we love and trust. They are ones we least expect to oppose us. Jesus came to show us that humility is a powerful attitude that will make us overcome any evil person. Yes he died in humility. But He died once and for all. This means that we are not going to die in humility but shall overcome evil with humility and live eternally.

Humility is truth, a fundamental principle that must be acquired, developed, and applied in our relationship with God and others. Humility comes from God. It comes with love, the love that God gives to those who believe and receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord. 

Every warrior must be equipped with humility quotient equal to or higher than the rejection pain quotient. Amazingly, the Lord sometimes leads us into battles where we feel we are not ready  to fight. This scenario is often described as wilderness experience or God's shaking time and season. These events happen to warriors who are not quite in tune with God, those who are AWOL or lost in their personal concerns or fights not sanctioned by God.

Humility is an important truth to neutralize hurts and the ruthless attack of pride and arrogance in other people. Lack of this truth will ruin the godly fight against evil. The warrior who succumbs to the oppression and tortures of pride and arrogance will become proud and arrogant.

We know that the earth is a cohabitation of sheep and goats, lambs and wolves, lions and serpents, and of eagles and vultures. As we move and have our being in the Lord, the goats,  wolves, serpents and vultures come our way to hurt, oppress, and defile us with pride, bad attitude, wrong responses and ungodly emotions. Lovingly, the Lord allows it.

Today, the global trend of human existence is geared towards political,  economic and religious survival and dominance. With this trend, technology and education are directly and indirectly  focused on this objective with untoward effects on the lives of many, Christians or not. In the process of fulfilling selfish goals, people venture into different political, business or religious  tactics and strategies which are reminiscent of the teachings of the Nicolaitans and Balaam. The latter taught Balak to entice  the Israelites to eat food offered to idols and commit sexual immorality. This ungodly effect beginning with arrogance and pride has flooded the atmosphere of our Churches and cities. These commonly take control of those aiming for political and financial gain. Christians who are caught in this flood can be trapped in the net of arrogant people who continually opt to play the games of this world with dirty tricks. Homes that have unknowingly opened their doors to these spirits may experience terrible affliction with the desire to get what they want no matter what or how. In our warfare against arrogance, pride and false humility, we respond in humility. This warfare level is in the first heaven.  The truths and principles posted on this page are not yet complete. Please feel free to share with us your lessons on biblical humility learned in your intimate walk with God.

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Leo & Zeny Calderon

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