Our Prayer For Cadets

By God’s authority vested on us as Trainers & Commanders of the ISSW, we release the anointing upon you to excel as cadet of this military school. Receive the cadet anointing from God and be filled with the knowledge and wisdom on spiritual warfare.

We declare God’s will to be done on you as you submit and obey the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ through the ISSW.

May your spirit, soul and body unlimit your perception, understanding, and experience on the truths and principles of God who has blessed us with his rich treasure of knowledge and wisdom in the heavenly places.

May the scales on your senses be removed so that you become sensitive. May the Lord activate your gifts and harness them in winning your battles in the Lord.

May you receive revelations through your 5 senses: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin. May you understand your feelings as a powerful device for discernment. May you see visions and dreams, learn to interpret them and apply them in warfare.

May the truths, principles and disciplines of warfare be embedded and glued on your mind and heart so that they will remain in you even after training.

May Jesus reveal himself to you as the Lord Sabaoth. May he be pleased, exalted and glorified as you learn spiritual warfare. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

Now please go to the FITNESS ROOM.

Leo & Zeny Calderon