ISSW Goal & Covenant


Know the Cadet's/Cadette’s objectives and the terms and conditions of ISSW.


Cadets/Cadettes’ Objectives

  1. In obedience to God's call and mandate, Cadets/Cadettes must aim to learn spiritual warfare and engage in it.  
  2. Cadets/Cadettes must aim to know Jesus and his power and make him known to the rulers of this age as they put everything under Jesus' feet.
  3. Cadets/Cadettes must learn how to detect and destroy intruders and invaders belonging to the kingdom of darkness.
  4. Cadets/Cadettes must learn how to secure the Body of Christ and the heavens from the intrusion or invasion of evil.
  5. Cadets/Cadettes are encouraged to participate in the Warfare Forum to bless others who are also seeking more of God thru warfare.


 Terms and Conditions

  1. Every Cadet is required to abide by the rules and regulations of ISSW. Rules and regulations of ISSW are written in the Bible.
  2. Though ISSW gives grace to cadets committing mistakes, resistance to authority or rebellion is punishable by expulsion.
  3. Any Cadet who does not satisfactorily complete ISSW requirements will not graduate from ISSW.
  4. Cadets must treat personal testimonies and confessions as confidential.
  5. Cadets must not keep secrets detrimental to the welfare of others or the school.
  6. Cadets must not minister, counsel, advise, nor prophesy to one another. Problems must be disclosed to the Leadership
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