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Module One:
Preparing for War

Goal & Covenant
Anointing Prayer
Heart Check Up
Test Identity
Father Heart of God
Windows of the Heart
Uproot Bitterness
Overcome Lust
Spiritual Anatomy
Truth Sets Free
Hearing God’s Voice


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Truth Sets Free----

page 4

Father and the Father-kind of love to the Son. Such love is in spirit and in truth. It will not shrink even at the point of death. Rev.12:11. This is truth in the fullness of love that every warrior must have to topple darkness and give glory to God.

Truth is Essential for our Love & Perfection

We must harness our skill to handle and manage truth in loving others. Truth is sometimes mistaken as the bad guy in our relationship with others, particularly, when words of truth hurt. If we are sensitive to the environment and with people, we may avoid hurting others or being hurt. In a hostile environment, corrective truths are


unwelcome and resented by the hurting and needy. In training and humble environment, corrective truths are accepted and appreciated. Indeed, we must know how to play in different situations, verbally or silently expressing truths in different applications and environments.

Truth is Essential for Combat

Satan and his demons are liars, they are ruthless authorities of deception, and their objective is to destroy the Church by all means. Their deception is like truth. That's how they get into our system. They are masters of illusion and wicked realities. Like the serpent in the Garden, he played with the true fruit of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil....

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