Matthew 5:48 NIV "Be perfect, therefore as your Heavenly Father is perfect."

I was born in Naguillian, La Union on November 2, 1984. Second in the family but the first born son of my parents and first grandson of my mom's mother. My sister is the eldest in our family and my cousins are all girls so my birth brought joy to my parents and grandma.

Mom wanted my name to be Joshua but Dad insisted on Ezekiel. He told us that he sought God about my name and God wants my name to be Ezekiel which means: God strengthens me. I like my name. Mom and the whole family like my name. People who read the Bible know that my name is taken from one of the prophets in the Old Testament.


My parents tell me that I am very malikot when I was a little boy. I run. I play. I touch things. I talk. Yes, I thank God I was a healthy, normal and intelligent child.

Dad and mom told me that I get into trouble and they had to clean up my mess. Thank you, Dad and Mom, for babysitting me and for your love, care and discipline. I got spanked all right and have been scolded several times. But I know I deserved them. And because I have been kept aligned and realigned, I am a better person now. And the basic thing that they have built in me is the fear of God. My parents who are God-fearing did their best to make me become God-fearing for it is written in Proverbs: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So dad did not spare the rod. Now I know that....continued next page

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