In my elementary school, my parents were summoned to the school office occasionally. They were informed of my mischief. One of my teachers told my parents a smart and funny thing I did when I could not get her attention.

In our PACE class, no one is allowed to talk or move around. For any urgent matter, a pupil has to raise his/her flag to be noticed by the teacher then the teacher will approach the pupil. One time I'd like to go to the bathroom but my teacher was not noticing my raised flag. She was engrossed on her work at her desk. Because my need was urgent, I need to get her attention. Quickly I had an idea that I thought will not violate the written code of conduct in class. I wrote a note on a piece of paper that I want to go to the bathroom. I folded it to become a paper plane, flew it and it landed near her foot. She did not see me make the stuff but she saw the paper plane land. She picked it up to investigate and unfolded the paper plane to see where it came from. She saw my note. She sent me to the bathroom. Thank God she did not get angry. Later, she told this incident to my mom laughing.

In grade 6, there was this mischievous classmate of mine. I did not know why I get into trouble with him that quick. I get challenged quickly and put up a fight without thinking of the consequences.


In high school, I began to change. I realized I needed to develop self discipline, good study habits and bear the fruit of the Spirit. I worked at it, and found a place among the top ten in 3rd year class. Puede pala. That was encouraging. There is still much room for improvement, so I am still working to fill that. I need to be patient with me for there's a long way to go. I am glad God is.

A change in structure or framework is necessary if we are to see better things. And quite literaly that happened to my body when my backbone was attacked by Pott's disease, a highlight in my life. God was working in ways amazing, beginning with things hidden like bone. My mom wrote an interesting testimony about my affliction. To read her article, click EZEKIEL: A SIGN & A SYMBOL.