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[continuation of CHILDHOOD]

the beatings I received aligned me to my path towards God.


I must not be amused remembering my mischiefs. But my purpose of remembering is to see the reality of the past to evaluate and appreciate the present then work for the future. Honestly, it is amusing to remember the past; particularly, events that did not break or wound hearts but rather make one laugh and muse, " Did I do that? "

I do remember one situation in Aunt Dolly's house. One morning after using the toilet, Uncle Cesar saw that a piece of bowel is sitting on the bathroom floor. He told me to clean it up. Without much ado, I picked it up with my bare hands and flushed it in the water closet. Yuk! Even uncle Cesar was stunned to see I did that!

Mom also told me one funny situation she won't forget. While I was playing house with my siblings, suddenly, I stood up then urinated on the umbrella spread as the roof of our play house and announced, " It's raining! It's raining!''

There was also that time in YWAM Davao when kuya Alfred and Danny were assigned to babysit us. They were shocked to discover that I had been splashing the water from the water closet all over the bathroom. One time I swallowed a 25 centavo coin. My dad was scared. But mom, my personal doctor, simply told him that it will come out of me when I pooh. HE was relieved.

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