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Powerful StudyTechnique


This technique will apply only to those who love God  much more than their lives. If you donít, there is still chance for you to learn this. First, you must align your love to the Lord. Your motive for excellence is Jesus, not  honor, reward, nor self-gratification. You are studying because  you are obeying God who wants you to excel in your study for his purpose and mandate. After realigning your love for him, you establish your ultimate goal: Excellence in your study will be for the primary purpose of landing you where God wants you to be. Your academic achievement may be necessary for you to qualify in the field God has chosen for you to apply what you have learned. You will need this perception to motivate you, to  get you excited and determined to push through with excellence.  To recap, these are your motivations:

  • Love for Jesus
  • Goal: Study for his purpose and mandate
  • Excel to qualify for the next step of his mission order of battle

To attain excellence, you need to know and apply the principles of our excellent God.

KNOW THE TRUTH. This is necessary to get rid of the lies in your life. Lies are hindrances to excellence. When you are faced with difficult problems in your studies, never regard them as difficult. Do not say ĎI cannot do this, itís hard Ď. Rather say, Ď this is easy for the Lord. I can solve this with him who is my knowledge and wisdom.   Nothing is impossible with Him. Thank God he wants me to work with him.Ē The first important truth on tackling difficulties is to believe and declare that with God, you are able to solve the impossible. Insisting this truth in your spirit will connect you to the source of knowledge and wisdom because by this truth, the blocks in the heavenly places are swept away.

You need to develop this truth in your spirit until doubt and uncertainty are deleted from your being. You nust highlight the truth that you are capable of solving difficult and impossible problems and questions in your study simply because you are with God and he is with you to perfect you. This excellence is for his glory.

  1. STUDY BY FAITH. Without faith you cannot please God. Without God, you can do nothing. Faith is your relationship with God. Faith comes from hearing the rhema voice of Christ (Romans 10:17). The outpouring of knowledge and wisdom is through faith. You get connected with the source of knowledge, wisdom, answers and solutions to problems through FAITH. Why? Because God speaks by his voice, he reveals his knowledge, wisdom, answers, and solution by his voice. He speaks. He is a person with a voice speaking in a language you understand so that his will for you will be fulfilled.

    Develop the skill in hearing his voice. Excel in distinguishing his voice because he speaks his knowledge and wisdom. In difficult moments and situations, you may access his dwelling place and download the answers and solutions from the Holy Spirit, the Teacher of all things.

    Faith, therefore , is a relationship of hearing and obeying his voice. This relationship must be developed so that when trouble comes, you can distinguish his voice from the many voices of liars attempting to confuse you to commit error and blunder so you do not excel.

    Organize. You must organize your schedule. Even this task must be by faith. Discuss the order with God-- all the details and macro plan of your study.

    Discipline and determination are generators of your attitude to pursue what you must do according to Godís command.
  3. BE FLEXIBLE for God.. Do not be rigid about your schedule. You may need to be convinced first that an action must preceed another to be able to work out smoothly.  Sometimes, God may want you to obey his promptings quickly so that there is no time to discuss with him. Just obey. Such instances are not regarded as disorganized. God is wise. Obeying him even when it seems unreasonable is wisdom.
  4. DO NOT LET FEELINGS HINDER YOU FROM FULFILLING YOUR SCHEDULE. If bad feelings occur, you need to confront and rule over them.  Do not let them pass by without discussing with God.  Breaking through the bad feelings might be one tough job but developing your spirit to do this will build up your spiritual muscles. Then you can crush the blockade quickly.
  6. DO NOT PANIC. RELAX. Your sovereign God is in control.

Author: Leo Calderon
Created: Friday, February 22, 2002



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