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Heart Check Up

Welcome to the ISSW Examination Room .

Before you go through the drill and disciplines of combat, you must go through a heart check up.

Spiritual combat is entering the spiritual and physical domain of the dark kingdom and engaging the wicked entities until they are subdued and put under the feet of Jesus (1 Cor.15:25). In this environment is extreme wickedness. To engage the enemy  requires endurance to fatigue, pain, discouragement, humiliation, rejection, criticism, and any form of torture coming from the powers of darkness thru any human being used as an intrument of evil. Therefore, your heart must be able to endure extreme discomfort, inconvenience, oppression, harrassment, torture, punishment and pain. Warfare is a task for the fearless and faithful; therefore, a warriorís heart must be tough-- strong to endure ruthless attacks of the dark kingdom whose rules of engagement are horrible and unruly. Combat is not a place for weak hearts but for hearts willing to pursue and persist in winning the war against evil even at the point of death.

First, you must have a clean heart. This is basic and primary, a truth and principle that every Christian must develop and maintain. A clean heart is a heart that is sinless. Sinless means pure in motives, pure in thoughts, pure in attitude, pure in behavior, pure in emotions, and pure in words. The standard of purity is Jesus. So your relationship with him is vital. It is progressive, a lifetime growth and development until you reach the fullness of Christ.

How much do you love Jesus? In warfare, love is tough. It must overcome evil manifesting in humans. A strong relationship with Jesus is necessary.  This relationship is love. And love has measures. Love starts not by works but by faith. Then such faith works miracles. Love is a spiritual encounter where God comes and reveals himself to you as you choose to believe even when you do not understand. The Father reveals Jesus to you in different times and places. This is a spiritual experience not  deduced by your soul nor produced by your intellect.

This spiritual love experience with God is a complete package from heaven.   Because of your heart to obey his will and command, he leads you to deeper  truths incomprehensible to human minds. These truths become yours,  embedded in your heart, making your heart become one with Godís heart, beating with the rythm of his Spirit.  It is easy to clean your heart. Only repent and restitute. But you need to develop regular maintenance program, aiming for perfection.

Second, you must have the heart to obey God in high risk situations. Our past   experiences need not be the catalyst  in obeying excellently. The catalyst is always the present-- the present state of the heart, mind, and action full of passion for Jesus, filled with truth and love, wanting simply to bless and glorify Jesus.


A pure heart is not enough to launch you into battle. Due to the intensity of deceptions imminent in the war zone, you must develop filters in your spirit. These Filters are truths that process information or data entering your spirit. This will be discussed extensively during this course.

Growing to Perfection

Christians who have gone through wilderness experience and have passed their tests must not stop growing and learning. Growth is not measured by works or achievements. It is measured by your love for God in high risk situations in the battlefield or in the desert where there is no vegetation or water to quench your thirst.  It is easy to love God when you are in his Throne Room, or at the comfort zone, or when there are ministering angels, or when there are blessings and miracles, or when there is peace and joy, or when you are loved by others. God knows your measure. But the tests he gives are for your training and development.

In the ISSW training, you will go through knowledge and application of truth and principles for your perfection in Christ. Indeed this is tough....but God knows that you can do it because he has chosen you to go through the drill that will make you his perfect combatant to put evil under his feet. 

Now, let us begin your heart check up.  Remove your garments.

ISSW Medical Staff


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