Activity in Uprooting Bitterness
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1. How did you handle your hurt?
I tell others about my hurt
I keep it to myself
I ignore it
I pray for justice and judgment on my offenders
I forgive my offenders and receive healing from God.
I cry.
I sulk and get mad
I retaliate and get even
I build walls to keep off the offender.
Others. Please specify.

2. Examine yourself. After going thru the lessons and activities on Identity, Father heart of God, Windows of the Heart and Uprooting Bitterness do you still have any bitterness that must be uprooted?
Yes. Please identify your bitterness. Describe the situation:

3. Doors of Resentment and Anger in your Life:
Harsh people
Lazy and Slow People
Defiant People
Inconsiderate People
Stupid People
Talkative People
Unfriendly People
Others. Please specify:

5. Make a list of people who hurt you. Write down their names and their offense on a piece of paper.

6. Make a list of people you hurt. Write down their names and your offense on a separate piece of paper.

7. Reminder: Going thru the process of forgiving others for their offense does not make you numb to hurts and pains. You are in a world where people and demons are offensive. The truths and principles you are learning at ISSW are handles that you need to overcome bitterness. We have taught you that to be hurt is not a sin. God is hurt when we sin against him but he is not sinning. He is forgiving even when we are not asking for forgiveness from him. Likewise, we must forgive our offenders even when they are not asking for forgiveness from us. This is how we maintain our freedom from resentment and bitterness.

8. Forgive your offenders.

Forgiveness is one of the basic steps to your freedom from resentment, anger, agitation and bitterness. Your offender/s transferred resentment, anger, arrogance, and bitterness to your spirit when you were hurt and did not forgive them . To close the door to resentment, anger, arrogance and bitterness, cancel all their links and accesses by forgiveness and love. Jesus commanded you to love your enemies. This starts with forgiveness. You must forgive the person/s who hurt you. Forgive any offender or offense done. In this way, you don't get angry at any offender no matter how grave their offense is. Then you become gracious and loving to any offensive personality who crosses your path.

Have you asked for forgiveness from all the people you have offended since childhood to present?
Yes. All of them
Yes but not all. (Please explain)
No. ( Please explain )

8. Type your prayer of forgiveness here.

9. Type your prayer of repentance here for being angry, resentful or bitter.

6. Burn your list. Burn you list of people who hurt you and the list of people you hurt. This is your prophetic gesture of deleting all traces of resentments, anger and bitterness in your life.




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