The Spiritual Anatomy of Man

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The SPIRIT-SOUL-BODY (Fig.1) is quick in perceiving and deciphering spiritual phenomena.  His first step: fellowship with the Spirit of Truth. In an encounter with phenomena, the human spirit receives the rhema and logos from Holy Spirit then transfers it to soul. Soul accepts and stores the new truth, and tells the body. Body takes part, responds and operates according to truths accepted by spirit and soul. In some cases, human spirit easily accepts new truths but soul resists. Why? There are deception files or mindsets opposing incoming truths in the mind. They resist incoming truths but may welcome incoming deception. This is one good reason  why we should aim to uproot all deception files or mindsets stored in the soul. These files or data when activated cause fear, lack of faith, doubt, confusion, and the worst is unbelief.  These files when dominant cripple other truth data in file. This scenario is typical setback of a soul-spirit-body structure (Fig.2). But the spirit-soul -body structure ( Fig.1 ) easily handles this struggle with his mind by silencing the soul. He talks with God not with soul where deception files or mindsets are sometimes assertive. The deception files or data are foreign bodies like viruses or bacteria that battle with truth. These cause spiritual fever which can manifest into physical fever.

Zeny and I have conducted deception tests among Christians and discovered that many are deceived mostly in the area of health, therefore they suffer from sickness. Speaking the truth in this area often resulted in deliverance and healing.

Fig 3 is the structure of a Christian sensitive to the Holy Spirit but easily falls to  ungodly pressure and oppressive atmosphere. Because of the lack of stored truth file or data needed to establish discipline and reason in  being a rational Christian, this person lacks intelligence. Effect: spiritual level fluctuates. In wicked atmosphere, he is wicked. When heaven is open, he is high and mighty in the Lord.

The human spirit needs the soul to support him in maintaining sanity, right attitude, right behavior, and intelligence in coping with problems and storms in life. The most fragile part of our being is our self worth, our image. When this is attacked and the soul does not have enough truth data to firm up the spirit and body that he is precious and priceless in the eyes of the Lord, this person may experience bouts of depression or oppression. Being devastated, his emotions may go wild into extremes.

Due to low level of reasonability, this person does spiritual things unwisely and is prone to offending others. Though quick in experiencing spiritual matters, he lacks reason and rationale. They are also prone to insanity due to the tendency to be deceived by lying spirits. They are prone to deceptions due to lack of the soul's participation in assessing deceivers, spirits or people.

I have ministered to Christians having problems with rationality.  Commonly, these people have encounters with spirit/s. Thinking it is God or his angels talking with them, they put faith on these encounters. Strange, embarrassing and offensive  behavior are often observed privately or publicly. These people are usually afflicted with depression. They talk with their minds and lying spirits come in. Worse things happen when they think they are doing it for God.

Can a Christian be deceived? Can a Christian be demonized? I  got a call from a pastor friend asking help concerning his church worker. Usually quiet, teachable, faithful, consistently prayerful,  and a conscientious Christian, this lady began displaying irrational behavior and incoherent speech. She had experienced sleepless nights before this when at mid night God would  allegedly talk with her. This encounter often lasted till early dawn. Previously quiet, she became talkative, often citing scriptures senselessly. I attempted to cast out demons from her but saw no improvement. I went to her room alone and prayed asking God to reveal to me what I needed to know. Then in a vision I saw a territorial spirit in the form of a huge, ugly and wicked man landing on the top of their roof talking, controlling and deceiving the mind and spirit of this Christian lady.

Another pastor shared about a young lady showing strange  behavior in church. Described by her family as intelligent but very quiet, she was observed talking with spirits in her room.

This person ( Fig. 4 ) is carnal. He moves  according to the needs, wants, wishes, and desires of his flesh. His undeveloped reasoning ability submits to his body. He is a common  man who does not use his reasons and intellect in pursuing something. This man perhaps belong to the working class, doing labor not needing analysis nor mental ability. Without a  desire to search spiritual truth nor need for miracles, this person does not appreciate spiritual matters


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