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Indeed I am aware of the guidelines on teaching truths: that I must be biblical. I would like to warn you that this article contains my insight on the heavens. If you are looking for scriptures that will support my insight, I may not satisfy your need for such but if you are willing and courageous to explore the heavens with me, I assure you that we have God and the Bible to support us. In fact, you must be aware that not all truths are verbatimly mentioned in the scriptures. But this is for sure, the Bible contains all truths. So the unwritten truths are implied by the Bible. Though I may not have the scriptures written verbatimly for my reference, I say I have the bible implying the truths on this article. I invite you then to come into that level of knowledge and wisdom as that of Christ who modelled us his Sonship.

I would like to emphasize that this knowledge is particulalry beneficial to those believers who are tasked by God to pray, work and put evil under Jesus' feet in the heavenly places. If you are not in this category, you may find yourself having a hard time accepting and understanding this knowledge.


Let me define the boundaries of the first heaven thru this figure H1 below:

To be continued
created 07/20/2003

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