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self worth due to abuse of parents or authority figures can be repaired and become new. Any measure or extent of damage can be restored. This is the heart of the Father.

Mapping Out Pain & Bitterness

It is important that every spot and period of our lives where there is unresolved pain and bitterness be mapped out. These spots are potential explosives to any replay of scenarios similar to the early beginnings of wounding, rejection and bitterness.

In the spirit realm, these spots are like holes on the walls. They are potential entry points of evil spirits who come in, mess around and destroy one's selfworth during crisis.

Of course, God is in control. He allows crisis to take place for us to realize that it is our responsibility to make choices and that we reap what we sow. And our choices may fall under his WILL, which is righteous and perfect or our will, which is self-serving and imperfect.

Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. Job 4:8 KJV


Many pains and wounds were started in childhood. Culprit: parents, authority figures, siblings, relatives, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

In some cases, the pain of rejection started as early as pregnancy. The mother's attitude of mind and heart, silently or verbally rejecting the child in her womb is received by the spirit of the child. The rejecting spirit of the mother is oppressing the spirit of the child. And this is enhanced after birth. There will be signs and physical manifestations of hostility between mother and child. Both of them may not realize how this started but their spirit just won't jibe.

There are also fathers and siblings involved in this hostiltiy. They must ask for forgiveness from the "child rejected in the womb" .

The offended is the child in the womb. He/she must forgive those who rejected him/her.

Rejection is not only verbal abuse. There are bizzare abuses in the home commmitted
against children, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Sexual abuses are incest and molestation. This is the first entry of lust into the child’s spirit and body. If undealt with, this will make the child prone to commit the same offense later in his lifetime. He will not be the victim anymore but the victimizer.

There are children who were sexually abused by their parent, usually the father. This has caused so much grief and pain in the heart of God as Father. God created fathers to love, care, and protect their children. But Satan has invaded the home to destroy the next generation by defiling the children thru their own families who should love and protect them. In the past, incest is one of the darkest secrets ever kept in the family. Today, more victims are courageous enough to expose these dark deeds.

If you are the parent who abused your child sexually, you must ask for forgiveness from God and from your daughter or son. This is done better in the presence of a spiritual counselor who would pray, seal off both offender and victim with the healing presence and power of the Holy Spirit after the asking and receiving of forgiveness. Your victim may be reluctant to forgive you due to the intense pain. But humbly pursue and persist in prayer, intercession and in ways revealed by the Father

If you are the victim, you do not need to go the offender and tell him/her that he/she should ask for forgiveness from you. Wherever you may be, say a prayer, forgiving your offender and saying this to the Lord. The pain may be intense, the wound so deep but forgiveness is so powerful that it can uproot the thorns in the deepest part of your hurting spirit and body.


The unresolved pain of rejection in childhood tend to flourish in adolescence. This hurting person becomes bolder in expressing verbal or behavioral defiance to any opponent that attacks his self esteem. Apparently new issues of contention may crop up during adolescence but these are the natural offshoots from childhood pain of rejection destroying the self worth.

Troubled parents who mismanaged their own problem or the problem of their adolescent child may also serve as the source of trouble in the household. When their adolescent

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