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2 Kinds of Warriors

an insight

Leo Calderon

Christians have different levels of maturity. Maturity is measured by our love and obedience to God’s rhema and logos word. The Christian intensely in love with Jesus is more daring in pursuing God's will and mandate than a Christian who isn't. God knows those whose heart are after his. For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.... (2 Chr 16:9). They love the Lord so much more than their lives ( Rev.12:11).

God loves all his sons and daughters and his love is not unfair. That is an absolute truth. But it is the son or daughter who responds in different measures. Some respond in fear, some in faith. Whether fear or faith, it is also in different levels measured according to their love, trust and obedience to God.

The gift of faith is available to all of us but because of our free will, our choices vary. This variety in the choices of man is the reason why there are various measures and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is gentle. He does not come in to the resistant but to the willing and open. He does not move beyond your control. He allows you to choose and decide. He does not impose nor protest, he convicts but does not condemn. Those who use spiritual gifts have the choice on how and when they are used. It is not accurate to say that one cannot control his tongue, body or mind when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was so strong. The anointing was strong and the manifestation was obviously strong because the person under such power was 100% open, willing, and surrendered to God. One who gets rid of the ‘ what ifs ‘ in the mind and replaces it with ‘ so what ‘ will indeed see “ what no eye has seen “ and make exploits beyond the understanding of the soul.

Two Factors Affecting Man’s Choices


There is only one fear that must fill us: Fear of God. Fears other than this are not of God so they must be of the kingdom of darkness. There are many fears such as fear of pain, hunger, fear of lack of provision, fear of sickness, fear of death, etc. These fears hinder our quick obedience. It is like stepping on water. Fear of sinking must be subdued by our faith in Jesus who commands us to walk towards him, our destiny. Fears must be erased or it will paralyzed us from stepping in faith. The Christian who loves and trusts the Lord in full measure can easily get rid of this fear. The love and trust quotient is the quotient of faith and obedience to overcome fear. A Christian who loves God with 70% measure would be 70% victorious over fear. There is 30% left to struggle with. To identify the fear spot and aggressively transform it to faith will result to tremendous growth and authority in the Lord.


There are lies stored in the spirit-soul-body of the person. These lies stored are called deception files hidden in different directories of the person's mind. Some are in hidden subdirectories and couldn’t be accessed by the conscious mind of the person. When information contrary to its content enters its domain, a potential resistance may take place if humility is not activated or when there is no humility to activate to make the person teachable. This is a common situation of any man.

For example: a person who catches cold after being soaked in the rain. He believes that being wet under the rain is the cause of his colds. Next time the rain comes, he avoids being wet under the rain. Tell him that it is not true, he will tell you: he experienced it. If he is teachable, he will be set free from this lie.



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