Detecting Source of Pain or Ailment
For stage2 Warriors only
skilful and quick in gaining victory.

10. It is not enough to hit the territorial spirits and principalities only; the source person must be set free also from their access and power. The source person may either be the sinner or carrier.

An accessory or contact person of demons may either be or both a victim and victimizer. This person must be set free from the control and influence of Satan and his demons. Dealing with demons is easy but it is the human spirit that makes warfare tough and complex sometimes. Demons can gain grounds only in the measure that a person allows in his life. This is the beauty and power of the God-invented free WILL of man, whether sinner or saint.

11. Stage2 warriors who ignore or brush aside the spiritual significance of their pain or ailment by resorting to any form of therapy may suffer from

mental and physical health deterioration. Relief is complete only when the source person and place are dealt with in warfare and the powers of darkness are driven away or subdued-- placed under the feet of Jesus.

12. Stage2 warriors are called to persevere and not give up in their painful battles. The pain corresponds to the scale of intensity. It is a measure of the spiritual and physical problem. It also measures the rank of demons being discerned.

If at a certain time stage2 warriors are concertedly experiencing pain at the same part of the body at the same time, this calls for a prayer network of stage2 warriors to pray and hit the target. Stage2 warriors are called to lock their shields together and pray against evil in the heavenly places until the Lord Sabaoth will come to lead them in the final battle at Armageddon.