Detecting Source of Pain or Ailment
For stage2 Warriors only
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tionally or intentionally they might have opened the gates of hell and cause demons to infest the spirit realm.

b. At times, simply identifying the carrier and the wickedness will do the job of eliminating the symbolic pain or affliction from your body. At other times, the intense pain demands intense combat and persistence during prolonged engagement with rulers and principalities in the spirit realm. This may take days and weeks. Combat of this type needs faithfulness and truths to demolish the painful effects of such wicked invasion..

c. Carriers may be innocent persons; therefore, warriors and intercessors must not be quick to judge that pain source people are guilty of sin. Innocent people can carry the defilement in the spirit realm. This spiritual law was revealed by the Lord thru the situation of emails infected with virus riding as seemingly legitimate attachments.

d. Sin opens the door to demons to infest a territory. Sinners are therefore the source person of demons and the cause of pain and problems. Sinners are gate openers of hell.

Some of the common defilements in the atmosphere are lust, anger, pride, arrogance, and many others. You may know the kind of spirits ruling over a certain spiritual territory by just identifying or knowing the sins of the people in that territory.

5. How do you know that you made

an accurate hit on the powers of darkness? Even if you are intense in your prayer combat but failed to pray for the right persons and the right things, your pain will remain. This indicates that you are not accurate. When pain leaves, this is a sure indication that the powers of hell are gone or subdued.

6. If you prayed for the right ones but did not pursue the battle until victory is gained, the pain remains.

7. Due to the intense pain or ailment, the warrior may not accurately identify the carriers and may become inaccurate in dealing with the trouble. But God is gracious. Sometimes, pain will just leave even when you have not done anything. This is perhaps because the sin, carriers, and demons are gone or other warriors dealt with them.

8. Severe or intense pain or ailment signifies intense warfare. The scope of war may be territorial, national or international. This calls for prayer network of stage2 warriors, the heaven keepers called and trained to police the heavens.

9. To be victorious, you must persevere. A quitter never wins. As first timer in dealing with territorial spirits and principalities, gaining victory is not yet as quick as lightning because you are still learning to hit the enemy accurately. Accuracy is achieved by getting current instructions from the Holy Spirit and by applying it in your combat. Familiarity and practice in discernment and combat will make you >>>NEXT PAGE>>