Man has senses to detect the physical and spirit realms

The physical and spirit realms are in the same sphere. In fact, they are not two different worlds, they are one. But in order to make distinctions in explaining things, it is easier to classify them in 2 worlds: the physical and the spirit world. Know the biblical truth that what happens in the spirit realm manifests in the physical. What is seen in the physical has happened in the spirit realm. Therefore, we can say that the physical world is the symbol of the spirit world.

To perceive and understand the spirit world better, you must know that your spirit has also 5 senses similar to your physical body which are:

| 1| seeing | 2 |hearing | 3 |smelling | 4 |tasting | 5 |feeling or touching |

Man is spirit with a body

Since it is our spirit that sees, hears, smells, tastes, and feels the spirit realm, the ESP theory is wrong. It is our spirit that connects with the spirit realm.

There are 2 theories on the being of man: 1. man is a bipart being, 2. man is a tripart being. The Bible does not have a direct statement on this but it is easier to understand the "bipart theory".

The theory on the tripart man is acceptable to me. The following is a diagram to present a clear understanding of man's behavior physically and spiritually.

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