Nathan & Phoebe Sanglap

Secretaries, Rule & Reign Mission, Inc.

  • Pastors, Living Way Christian Ministries, Veterans  Village, QC.
  • Ministry Training: both are graduates of Fundamental  Baptist Bible Institute, JHMT Ministry Academy: Prophetic Institute; Spiritual Warfare & Intercession Institute; Healing & Deliverance Institute for Exhomosexuals. Apostolic Institute, PSOP- Malaysia  (Nathan)
  • Blessed with 5 children: Lemuel Dwight,14; Nathan Dwayne, 12; Luke David, 4; Lois Darah, 2; Rapha Dew,10 mos.


c/o Sang Hyun Chung
237-108 Kasan Dong
Kum Chun District
Seoul, Korea


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