Leo & Zeny Calderon

Bitterness Defined

A vile is bitter. An unforgiven hurt or pain is bitter like a vile. Even when it is not remembered, it is engraved in the heart and this is marked as a door for evil to enter and terrorize others to become  also bitter.

Bitter Past Recurs

My bitterness with my mom recurred in my relationship with Zeny. My story of the lost purse happened when I was young. Hurt by mom's lack of trust, I had turned bitter but the memory I tucked away. Then early in our marriage one day, Zeny was looking for her purse and asked me if I had seen it. My response was an explosive No!. It was anger out of proportion. People have different family roots, different upbringing and current situations. There are those who come from broken families. Some with cruel  fathers and mothers or aunts and guardians or parent surrogates that figure in a traumatic childhood. This trauma recurs at any point of our life when a door is open, particularly at a time when a similar situation takes place. The devil or demons who know our history are perpetrators of these wicked events. If bitterness is not uprooted, the files stored in the spirit and soul are potential time bombs that may be activated by the forces of darkness at a particular time and situation allowed by God. It is necessary to uproot all files of  bitterness because these are defiling and destructive. How Bitterness StartsAt home, a wife gets hysterical seeing in her mind the unfaithfulness of her husband, even after efforts to get rid of these taunting thoughts. Or she may get into depressive moods. A wounded husband wants to separate from his unfaithful wife even when she has changed. If these bitter thoughts are not uprooted, these will recur and affect relationships, present and future, causing them to crumble.


In Christ, forgiveness is the power tool to uproot bitterness. It is the door to  healing; the window that allows light to brighten your soul. In Matthew 6:14  NIV, Jesus said, "  For if you forgive men their sin against you, your heavenly Father will also  forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."Forgiveness is giving up your right to demand payment or punishment of sin. It is letting go of your offender by saying, " He/she has no more sin against me." By this attitude, you are preventing demons of bitterness, and the desire to punish and  curse from infesting your environment. Darkness could NOT come in to curse your offenders. By your forgiveness, you have protected them from being oppressed by demons. You have set them free from the demons of guilt, condemnation and curse. In a wider scale, you have set them free from also spreading pain or from offending others. This is the godly effect of forgiveness, which is the key to loving our enemies.

The effect of unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is the door to hatred and curse. It destroys the offended and the offender who did not ask for forgiveness. The physical and spirit realms in this situation  are infested with demons. It is a painful environment; a hostile place where  negative attitudes cannot hide too long. The infested air is clouded with  arrogance, pride, suppressed anger, outburst, false accusations, pity party, bitter party, sarcasm, slander, afflictions, pain, disease, suicide, homicide, and ultimately, death. Unforgiveness  kills. Many are afflicted with disease because they haven't forgiven their  enemies. Unforgiveness opens the door to the oppressors and tormentors in the  second and first heaven.Their affliction is the consequence of unforgiveness,  not necessarily of physiological causes. Bitterness clouds perception and  understanding, opening one to deceptions. The devil does not want this bitter  person to see the real cause of his affliction. He wants you to think of other  causes like food, germs, lack of exercise or proper diet, faulty genetic structure, anything. The disease gets worse. In a short time, death comes to offer a way out. The tortured victim of unforgiveness gives in and dies.Our view of our existence must be through the eyes of the Lord. When eyes are opened to behold the awesome God, the pain or oppression of ignorance leaves God's presence.

Delete files of bitterness

All files of bitterness, past or present, must be deleted so that the devil cannot  orchestrate any event to activate it.If you have bitterness since childhood, let the Holy Spirit relate them to you in your mind then write them down on a piece of paper. When you're done, pray and forgive the people who caused you pain and bitterness. Burn that piece of paper  and declare in the heavens your forgiveness and healing.

Arranging a  reconciliation party

If you are the cause of pain and source of bitterness, entering into a healing and  forgiveness session with your spouse, victims or bitter enemies might be awkward. You may be misunderstood and bluntly rejected. However, respond in quick forgiveness. They have been hurt so they would be suspicious of your  intentions. This calls for humility and determination. Don't give up; pursue and persist.

    However, good intention is not enough. Every move in this noble purpose must be according to the Lord. Wisdom must come from the Holy Spirit, who leads and guides,  because blunders add more pain and bitterness. When your first attempt for reconciliation is met with hostility, it is wise to back  off temporarily and prayerfully wait for the appointed moment of truth, healing  and forgiveness. Develop a conducive environment. This process must be inspired by the Holy Spirit who  must author this planned session. Remember: It is by faith and works that this will suceed ( James 2:14-26 NIV). Working out reconciliation with badly hurt  people might spark a litany of ancient pains. In repentance and rest is your  salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength ( Isaiah 30:15 NIV ). Keep still and listen in humility.  After the outburst and bitter speech, ask for forgiveness but please do not  explain. Avoid justifying or talking too much. It is best that the only words you have to say is: PLEASE FORGIVE ME wife or husband. This melts anger, pain, bitterness and any ungodly  feeling.
The effect of forgiveness

When forgiveness is released, pain and bitterness will go.The disease that grew out  of the bitter root will die. The virus and bacteria which invaded your body when you were bitter is flushed out; like a flood that washes away garbage. such is the power of forgiveness. The sudden assault of chest pains, the fast heartbeat and the agitations sparked by the deadly bitterness will be no more. The collection of pain in the memory bank which burdened the heart beyond maximum load disappears. The choking effect of bitterness in your lungs stops. The tumor, ulcer, cancer, or a new growth will melt. The ruins left by destructive  bitterness will be cleared; as if bitterness had not existed there in your heart and in your mind. The total effect is healing, spiritually, emotionally and  physically. Forgiveness is a way out of pain and bitterness; in fact, out of hell.

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