We thank Uplink for giving us free access for forty ( 40 ) hours every month and for hosting this website. Sometimes, we have exceeded the 40 hour limit but Uplink had been so generous to give us extensions at no cost. May this kindness be a sweet aroma to the Lord who receives such offering coming from the heart.

Our special thanks to Bobby Gochuico who faithfully stood with us through the storms with his generous contributions of cash and kind like computer, software, services, even important errands, and spiritual support. A gift from God, he is valuable arm in fulfilling our warfare mandate from God.

God led a good man in USA to send us The Adobe Design Collection and NetObjects Fusion 5. We thank him for obeying God. This software we had been praying for for our multimedia requirements are our tools to make rich graphics, images and dynamic layout.

We are grateful to those who support us with prayers and encouragement. And we do not take lightly the interest of our site visitors. It has encouraged us to read their e-mails appreciating this site as an endeavor knitted by God our Father whose will is to provide an arsenal for the Church that must put everything under the feet of Jesus.

Most of all, we thank God our Father who called us to do this task equipping us with the faith and heart necessary to obey his voice. Even that faith and heart had to come from Him. You are indeed awesome, Father.  We lay our works  under the feet of Jesus our Lord Sabaoth who must rule and reign forever. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit.